Gridiron 3 | American Football Head Coach Game


Testimonials From Coaches

"I'm a life long NFL fan but I've never been a gamer. In fact I hadn't played an online game before I was shown Gridiron. Anyone who has enjoyed a game like Football Manager will understand the idea of Gridiron. Be the coach of your own American football team. Everything that entails you'll find in Gridiron and more besides including an annual LIVE draft where you get to shape the future of your franchise. I could go on and on about all of the little details that make this exceptionally crafted game such an addictive experience but just try it and you'll soon see for yourself. One word of warning though, your Friday nights will never be the same again."
Mark, Helltown Heroes, GFL Atlantic
"Girdiron3 is not just a game, more importantly it's a community. The game itself is very addictive and is not one of those five minute games. It takes time to play and to learn. But the more you learn about the mechanics behind the game the more experimenting you can do until you discover how you want to play the game. There are enough variations within G3 to ensure that everyone doesn't play the same way. The fact that there are two seasons each calendar year, means there are not too many periods of extended downtime. You've the opportunity to trade players and picks when the season rolls over, there is also a draft in each season. Is this game for you? If you love American Football and want to be part of a great community, then yes it is. Join and enjoy the depth and variety. There are always existing coaches who are prepare to help and act as a mentor."
Chris, California Rapiers, GFL Atlantic
"The friendships you gain from people around the world are phenomenal. Some of the smartest, helpful, loyal and caring people in the world. I will never meet most of these guys and gals but I do consider them my friends. Oh ya.....then you get to play some football with your friends. What could be better then that? "
Ben, Rapid City Rushmores, GFL Big Sky
"Gridiron3 is the best management sim out there, the game can be played in depth or basic depending on your approach. Very good Coach interaction and various layers of the game make this the most absorbing and refreshing game on the market, whether you are a rookie coach or veteran to Gridiron World there is something for all in this game. I have coached for ten years (19 seasons) and loved every season even when losing and plan to continue for years to come this is the one sim I will never drop."
Dave, Amazon Anacondas, GFL Atlantic
"I discovered Gridiron3 back in 2012 when a google search for American Football found the G3 site ... I read the blurb and joined up as it seemed interesting ... I was allocated the Saskatchewan Venom in the Continental, the team, which had won the Continental bowl just 2 seasons earlier, was in a bad way with ageing veterans and poorly coached rookies ... since then I have coached, drafted and traded players ... read, misinterpreted and reread the rules ... schemed and re-schemed ... had triumphs and disasters ... met some really great people and generally had a fab time ... this game is incredibly challenging, frustrating and compelling and definitely for you if your mindset is that you will do until you succeed ..."
Jon, Saskatchewan Venom, GFL Continental
"The posting board here in Gridiron, a lot of Coaches tell about what happens with their families or with themselves. To me it is like a big family and yes at times we do not see eye to eye. But we are here for everyone and someone will always reply whether the message is good ,bad funny, or just plain advice on what to do or just you do not understand something. I have made many friends here and I Love all the Coaches even though we have not met face to face. My goal is to attend a live draft and meet all of those Coaches who do show up and just have a nice chat and to greet and shake their hands. So I think that if you do register just look over the site. I think will Love your stay and sign up each year like me. Thank you & God Bless"
Paul, New York Bulldogs, GFL Big Sky