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This website is run for fun. We're two guys doing this as a hobby. It's a game we started playing with our friends, and we were lucky to find that more people wanted to play. So we grew the game, but keep it small and it's not a business or a job. Please don't join us or get in touch if you're expecting commercial-grade service. We do this in our spare time.

Gridiron 3 is not for people who believe the data used in the game and stored on the website is sensitive or highly significant. We will offer some suggestions below on how to limit the value of any information you share with us (like creating a game-specific email account, if you feel this is appropriate). Our Terms and Conditions set some standards we ask you and other users to maintain, but our capacity is limited and this is a hobby. Only join the game if you recognise and accept the risks of sharing your details through a website built and run in our spare time. Our priority is to run the game - not gather data.

Your Data

  1. Information about you

    We try to depend on a minimum of data about you, and we have taken steps to keep cookies to a minimum (so that you are not 'tracked' through this website).

    When you register interest in this game, the following information is requested:

    • a name
    • an e-mail address

    You are also asked to create a username and a password.

    You are invited to tell us your country, but this is purely because we are interested in the people who play the game and because some people are proud of it. It is optional and makes no difference to your registration.

    Optionally, you can tell us how you found our site, and if you know someone already playing the game.

    The information you give us is stored in a database. After that, your game decisions and activities on this web site will be linked to other information you enter on this web site. It will be supplemented by data we collect through running the game, including historic data (for example, past teams run, results). It will also be linked to commentaries and comments you add to the site. This becomes the record of your achievements in the game, and is shared so that it can be enjoyed by you and other players.

  2. How we use the information you give us

    Through this web site, we will share game reports and game statistics with you and other users. Your name will appear in those game reports and statistics. The name shown will the name you have given us. Some reports may be stored as static web pages and data files, and some may be accessible without logging in.

    Your game orders will be downloaded from this web site to the GMs' computers to support offline processing of weekly games adjudications at each deadline. The name you have given us is processed alongside your team name as part of processing the games. This is necessary to generate game statistics.

    Game activities other than the adjudication of weekly games between teams are processed on the servers hosting this web site. For example, coaching your team, and ageing your team are processed on the web server.

    Copies of all databases used by the game will be downloaded to the GMs personal computers as off-site back-ups, and further back-ups may be made. This is necessary to protect the continuity of the game.

  3. Changing your data

    On this web site, you can see and change the record of your own email address and password. To do so, visit your Profile, which is linked from your name in the menu bar of pages on this web site.

  4. Sharing your name

    The name you enter on this web site will appear on game reports and your contributions to this site, including comments, articles and commentaries you post here. The name you enter on this web site will appear in historic records, which are an important part of the character of the game. These may include pages which are publicly accessible.

  5. Sharing your email address

    Email collaboration can be an exciting feature of the game for some players. You have the option to share your email address in the Coaches' Directory of email addresses, which is a web page visible to other registered users of this web site. By default your email address is not included in the Directory. If you choose to share your email address, you can choose to share it with all users of this web site; or limit access to other players of your own Pro Leagues and/or College games.

    Please think carefully before choosing to share your email address through this web site. Our Terms and Conditions set standards for sharing email addresses, but the publishers cannot control what others do with an email address once known.

    Your email address is available to the publishers of this site. This is necessary to run the game. It may occasionally be necessary for the publishers to email you to resolve game or web site issues, and deliver the game service. For example, we may check you’re OK if you become inactive in the game.

    If you would prefer to avoid using your primary email address for this game, consider creating a dedicated email address for this game. There are plenty of free options to create new email addresses. Some offer the option to forward email from one account to another, reducing the need to check multiple email accounts.

  6. Erasing your data

    If you leave the game, your account will be deleted from the web site database and you will lose access to password-protected areas of this web site. Your game achievements will be retained as part of the history of the game and recorded against your name.

    If you remain on the waiting list for an extended period, and do not take up opportunities to play the game, your account details will be deleted.

  7. Log out and "Stay Logged In"

    To protect your Privacy, do not use the "Stay Logged In" feature (optional when logging in) if anyone else would have access to the same device between your browsing sessions. Please take care to "log out" from secure areas of the web site before anyone else might use the device, and never share your username or password with anyone else. Close your browser once you have logged out, since an open browser will remember you are logged in (even if you don't have the page in view).

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