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Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. This web site and game

    This web site exists to support a game run as a hobby. Richard John and Richard Egan are the publishers of the Gridiron game and web site. The publishers can be contacted via the 'Contact Us' link (at the bottom of every page when logged in) or the 'Get In Touch' link (on the landing page when not logged in).

    The commitment we make is limited to what we achieve in the spare time available to us. You must only play the game if you accept that our service levels are limited. Please pay particular attention our Privacy Statement for advice on what data we request and store. You must not give us your data unless you accept what is stated in the Privacy Statement.

  2. User Accounts

    When you register on this web site you create a user account in our database. This will include a password. Your access to your user account is protected by that password. You may change your password at any time using your Profile page. Your Profile page is linked from your name towards the top right of each page. You should change your password if you believe someone else may know it. Do not share your password with anyone else.

  3. Do Not Use 'Stay Logged In' On a Shared Device

    When you enter your username and password, you have the option to tick a box marked "Stay Logged In". This will keep your browser logged in between browsing sessions. Do not tick the box if someone else may use the same device (computer, tablet, phone). The Stay Logged In box should only be used on a private computer to which no-one else has access.

  4. Log out

    You must use the "log out" facility to disconnect from the secure areas of the web site before someone else uses the same device. Close your browser once you have logged out. Take care not to leave a logged in computer unattended.

  5. Copyright & intellectual property
    This website may use fonts distributed under the Open Font Licence (see below). The rules for this game are copyright, but you may download them and retain copies for your personal use. Please consult the publishers before re-using or re-distributing anything found on this website.

  6. Content you add to this site

    Anything uploaded or added by you to this web site must be legal. This includes files, articles, images, text and comments, but is not limited to those things. Anything uploaded or added by you to this web site must not be defamatory or pornographic. Anything uploaded or added by you to this web site must not infringe the rights of third parties. You must either own the copyright of anything you submit to this web site, or be able to prove if requested that you have permission from the copyright owner to share it via this web site. By uploading or adding anything to this web site you agree to indemnify the publishers of this web site from and against all claims, costs and expenses arising as a consequence of that action.

  7. Databases

    You must not register personal details on this web site or participate in its games unless you accept that information about you will be stored in a database which can be seen by the publishers. The game supported by this web site relies on extensive use of data stored in databases and the game is not viable without the publishers having access to that data and being able to process it. The information processed to support the game includes:

    • The name you entered on this web site
    • The email address you entered on this web site
    • Data required to manage your use of this site
    • Any game statistics or game records generated through your participation in the game
    • Any comments, articles, images or other content you upload or add to this web site

    If you wish to withdraw consent previously given, please communicate this unambiguously to the publishers.

  8. Security

    You must not attempt to access any area of this web site with a password other than your own. You must not attempt to acquire the password of another game participant, and you must not attempt to circumvent or compromise the security features of the web site and game systems. You must not attempt to gain access to areas of the web site, its resources or its data except with the express permission of the publisher.

    Links offered to you on the web site represent the most common form of such express permission.

  9. E-mail

    This web site exists so that people can play the game Gridiron. Email is one of the ways some players like to keep in touch with each other.

    Email addresses you learn through playing the game may identify an individual. You must not share any email addresses learned through this web site with anyone else, except with the permission of the person who owns that email address.

    You must not include anyone else's email address in anything you publish through this web site unless with their permission. We strongly advise that you do not include your own e-mail address in anything you publish through this web site.

    Optionally, you may give the publishers consent to share your email address with other users of this web site. In this case, the email address will be available to other players while you are participating in the game. See the Privacy statement for more advice on this.

    A facility is provided on this web site for you to manage and update the e-mail address registered on this web site, and to add or withdraw your consent to share your email address with other players. This facility is available on your Profile page, which is reached through the link attached to your name, towards the top right corner of each page.

    It may be necessary for the publisher to email a player to resolve game or web site issues. Therefore it is a condition of registration on this web site and participation in its games that you supply and maintain a single email address, and that the publisher can send you emails at that email address.

    Examples of emails you may be sent by the Publisher include assistance if you have forgotten a password or queries in connection with a bug report. Ensure your email address is current and appropriate to the intended use.

  10. Subscriptions

    The publishers expect players to make a contribution to the costs of running the game (hosting charges, software licensing). The contribution is requested in the form of a subscription, payable once per game year. There may be different rates of payment, for example early subscriptions may receive a discount and late payments may be charged a higher rate. No-one is expected to contribute unless they have a team, and there may be exemptions at the publishers’ discretion (for example in cases of financial hardship or a trial season).

    Payment is made exclusively through Paypal. The request to pay will be published on this web site.

    When paying a subscription it is your responsibility to complete all steps correctly and securely. If in doubt about any aspect of payment, do not proceed and contact the publishers immediately via the Contact Us link.

    Please take care to check that your payment is made securely to the correct PayPal account. Ensure before entering any details that you are viewing the genuine PayPal site and that your are using a secure connection. Check that you pay no more or less than the price of the subscription shown on this web site.

    Follow all steps necessary to confirm that the payment is confirmed on this web site. Contact the publisher promptly if payment is not immediately acknowledged on this web site. A Contact Us link is available at the foot of every page.

  11. Deadlines

    Deadlines are dates on or after which the turn will finish and adjudications will be run. The publishers offer no guarantees on the precise time results will be published on or after that date, but games will not run before the deadline. If a deadline time is published, you must not expect to submit game orders after that time. If a deadline date is shown but no deadline time, please assume the deadline is one second after midnight on the deadline day.

    Late orders may be accepted if practical, at the publishers’ discretion.

    Some deadlines have particular sensitivity, and the publishers will post communications to advise when this is the case. You can identify the next deadline at the top of most pages.

    Please advise the publishers in advance if you expect to be unable to submit game orders, as any failure to submit valid orders by published deadlines can compromise the running of the game.

  12. Date and Time

    All dates and times published assume current British time. Date formatting will generally follow British format (day, month, year).

  13. Game rules

    Reasonable effort will be taken to advise of changes to game rules in advance, but the publishers reserve the right to change game rules without notice. The game rules and terms and conditions in force at any time are those to be found on this web site.

  14. External web sites

    The publishers of this web site accept no responsibility for the content of other web sites linked from this web site. Links to another web site are offered for information only and do not represent an endorsement or recommendation of that web site.

  15. Acceptable behaviour

    Offensive, hectoring, threatening, rude or otherwise inappropriate conduct will be considered adequate reason for the withdrawal of access at the discretion of the publishers.

  16. Playing the Game

    If the publishers believe someone playing the game has acted to compromise the integrity of the game and/or give an unfair advantage to another player, the publishers will impose penalties which in their judgement are proportionate to the breach of these terms and conditions. Penalties may include expulsion from the game. If the actions of one person have given an unfair advantage to someone else playing the game, penalties may be applied to either or both parties.

    You must not use different identities to control more than one team. It would be unfair to other players for the same person to run more than one team in the same game.

    You must actively participate in the game and you must seek to maximise the success of your team to the best of your abilities.

    Where inactivity on the part of someone playing the game compromises the running or integrity of the game and we have received no communication from them or on behalf of them to account for the inactivity we reserve the right to impose penalties including but not limited to expulsion from the game. Note that any failure to submit valid orders by published deadlines compromises the running of the game. Some deadlines have particular sensitivity and those playing the game are responsible for identifying them through our published communications.

  17. Disclaimer

    The publishers of this web site will do their best to ensure the accuracy of any information and data supplied via this web site, but cannot guarantee it. Your use of this web site and its game systems is at your own risk. The publisher does not accept any responsibility for computer failures. This includes failures of your computer experienced while using this web site. 

  18. The Final Word

    Since this site exists to support a game, and the publishers are acting as referees of that game, your use of this web site is on the condition that you accept that the publishers’ judgement is decisive in the event of issues or disputes related to the game or this web site. The publishers reserve the right to sanction what the publishers consider breaches of the game rules or these Terms and Conditions, subject to reasonable appeal. Such sanctions include restricting or terminating the access of an individual to this web site, parts of this web site, game features, and/or the delivery systems or functionality of the services upon which this web site and the game depend. 

Minimum requirements for use of this web site:

  • Web access and a browser
  • CSS and Javascript must be enabled in that browser
  • See also our statement on Cookies

Target platforms

You will find that most modern browsers can support Gridiron, across a wide range of devices. However, your experience may be compromised on platforms other than the target platforms. The target platforms for Gridiron are the latest versions of:

  • Chrome and Edge on Windows
  • Safari and Chrome on Mac OS
  • Safari on iOS
  • Chrome on Android

Open Font Licence

We use fonts made available via Google Fonts and distributed under the Open Font Licence:

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These terms and conditions revised:

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